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Welcome to


Driving School!

"A Different Kind of Driving School"


We will tell you what most other schools won't tell you;

we will do what most schools don't or won't do, but should!

Unique  methods & Directions

Instructor has been vaccinated.  Our classes are OPEN! Please bring your own mask or face covering for in classroom & car which are optional; both classroom and cars are disinfected 

We have sanitizer, masks, and shields.


Our Director was taught by a Texas pioneer of Teen Drivers Education, who was the founder of one of the most prestigious Driving School company. Over 18 years of a PASSION FOR TEACHING DRIVER'S EDUCATION, taught by the best, worked at the best schools.

Director: Is extremely passionate about what he teaches. He is a veteran, who has spent his entire life involved in social programs, parish activities, and given talks on Driver Ed, Drugs and Alcohol, Bullying, Relationship Problems; been involved with Big Brothers/Sisters Program, Suicide Prevention, St. Vicente de Paul, Youth Groups, Scouts, Special Olympics, as well as Parish Councils, Special Events, Lecturing, Eucharistic Minister, Choir/Choir Director, Orphanages and Senior Citizen Centers and for last 6 years does DJ/Karaoke/Performing on the side/for Special Charities/Events. In May 2020, Mr. Garcia was selected in the Top 10 out of 75 areas instructors, by 

Our Goals:


"If I do not drive the way I teach, I should not be teaching!'

Reality is that most people out on the road driving today are barely average drivers who never have taken any formal theory or driving classes. Many who did attend formal classes have become complacent.

This happens because most people have the attitude even before they take the required theory class, that they know how to drive. The theory test is taken at DPS by just guessing at the answers, if they fail then they attend a Driving School and as long as they pass with a minimal score, a license is obtained. It is not the quantity of years you have been driving, but the quality of how you drive. This is where we get the below average or barely average drivers on the road.

The lack of knowledge of what to do legally, how to protect yourself, how to control smoothly the vehicle you are operating, how to do it in the most safe manner, how to drive smart and how to read traffic is the fallout from the above. Most people know how to move the car, but not drive it. Not everyone learns the same way or has the same skill set, yet there are still countless advance skills that can be taught to help anyone have the potential to at least be a better than average driver and/or ultimately be an outstanding driver.

School Classroom Atmosphere:

It is my belief through life and experience that the best education method is done by hands on, interactive, in a classroom setting. Our teen students are graded by attitude, participation, notes taking, module grades and final test in an atmosphere where class in taught in an interesting and entertaining manner with incentives for doing well. The value of attending a Driving School who has the students interest first is immense. The vast majority of both adults and teens learn little and retain even less when taking on-line courses. No check and balance of personal taking class, and no interaction. Sadly, it is about convenience and price, before it is about knowledge, skill and safety. It is about as bad as going to Driving School where you are just a number, they just want get your money, get you in and out or they cut corners instead of doing the Driving Program as it should be.

Our hope is that we want students and clients who have the desire to want to become the best possible driver they can become and not settle for "just having a license" or "minimal standards".

Call us anytime for additional information or questions you may have and/or make an appointment. Phone calls will be returned at latest on next business day.

Call Sharpstown Driving School at (713) 272-7486.