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"A different kind of Driving School"

Sharpstown Driving School in Houston, TX, offers driving education services for teenagers and adults who don't just want to get their license, but the learn to be the best possible driver they can be. Our services are affordable for the best quality instructions you can receive. We also offer payment plans, help in leaning, along with incentives for the Teen Program. We are looking for those who want to get the best available instructions and are eager to learn how to become the best and safest possible driver. In addition we will offer several virtue classes on line as well using the ZOOM app. 

Our Driving Education Services include:

Teen Drivers Education Regular Price $460 Special Prices from $380 -$399

Adult Permit Theory Class  Regular Price $ 130 Call about Special Price of $ 120

Assist in completing DPS forms and requirements

In Car Driving (both novice and experienced movers)

DPS Practice/Sample Test (Evaluation $20)

DPS Test Partnered with PTDS

Texas Impact Video (viewing & printing certificate) $ 25

DPS ROAD TEST (by appointment) $75 (use our vehicle plus $30) Special Price for our Students


ADVANCED Driving Techniques

  • Teen Drivers Education:

Sign up now for New School Year Fall Classes;

(Get a VOE from your school admin about a week before your driving class starts and remember another VOE is required prior to taking your road test) Note: VOE expires 30 days after being issued except during Summer and must include School Name and Campus Number on top.

  1. Mandatory for Teens 15-17, may be taken at 18 or 19 years old and up to 25 years old. Texas State Requirements: 32 in Classroom and 14 In- Car. (7 hours *driving and 7 hours observing) 
  2. Sixteen classroom lessons totaling 32 hours, which is NOT just teaching driving rules and regulations. In depth breakdown of:
  3. why the law and regulations are what they are
  4. how to know and understand your vehicle
  5. how to understand distances around your vehicle while moving or parked
  6. how to control the acceleration, brakes and steering smoothly with control; and not just in a legal method but how to do it safest
  7. how to handle turns, lights, curves, and entering/exiting in neighborhood, urban, Downtown and on Highway/Freeway
  8. how to deal with adverse conditions, trains, emergency and special situations like getting pulled over by Police Officer or confronted with Road Rage
  9. Basic car maintenance
  10. Different types of Parking
  11. Knowledge to have about buying Cars and Insurance
  12. Update on latest laws and proposed changes from Austin
  13. ALL this is just the tip of the ice berg
  14. We offer incentives and prizes and teach in an unique manner!
  15. AFTER the third day of class, students will take the written test, so they can go to the DPS (Department of Public Safety) for their Driving Permit. We strongly recommend teens DO NOT drive with their parents or adults until after they have driven with the Driving School.
  16. 14 hours In- Car: The driving program is a total of 14 hours that is seven driving hours and seven observing hours. *BUT WE GIVE MORE THEN THE MINIMAL REQUIRED AND DON'T CHARGE FOR UP TO THREE ADDITIONAL DRIVING HOURS. When available we drive before and after classroom hours/on weekends and holidays. Option is given to hold last lesson as a review lesson before probation period ends. During Covid-19 observation hours are waived.
  17. After the School requirements are met;
  18. Teens are to drive with their parents/guardian/authorized adults and fill out a 30 hour log. Log no more than one hour per day, driving both day and night time.
  19. Additionally, prior to taking the Road Test at the end of their probation period they must see the Teen Impact Video and print out the certificate within 90 of taking the Road Test on their own either on a Lap Top or Desktop Computer. (If you need help ask us.)
  20. COME VISIT/see what we offer that other schools DO NOT!
  21. Teen Drivers Ed
  22. Schedule:
  23. 2020 Fall 1:
  24. 14 Sep - 5 Oct 2020 at 
  25. 5:30-7:30 p.m.
  26.  2020 Fall 2:
  27. 19 Oct-11 Nov 2020 at
  28. 5:30-7:30 p.m.
  29. 2020 Winter 1
  30. 30 Nov - 21 Dec 2020 at 
  31. 5:30-7:30 p.m.


  1. Call/come in and receive Early Bird or other specials/payment plans....
  • EARLY BIRD Price is $ 380.00 by 1st day of class

  PAYMENT PLAN "A":  $390.00

minimum $150 prior to class starting and pay balance by end of third week of class

PAYMENT PLAN "B" : $ 399.00 minimum $150 prior or by 1st day of class and balance paid within 60 days of 1st class day

  • REGULAR PRICE: $ 460.00 

  • We accept:  Cash, Money Order, or Credit Card

  • 6 Hour Adult Theory Permit Class:
  • Mandatory for Adults ages 18-24, may be taken at an older age, a Six Hour Theory Permit Class followed by the written test. Test by Texas Law to be Administered only in English or Spanish.
  • Biggest misunderstanding is passing the Permit Class does ‚Äčnot mean an individual is automatically ready for the Road Test.
  • Please be here 15 minutes before class starts.
  • Bring Texas ID/legal status documents, Social Security Card and paper for note taking.
  • Sign up early and receive Early Bird Price and Notes to Study: especially for non- English speaking clients.
  • Early Bird Price $ 120.00 Regular Price $ 130.00
  • Cash, Money Order or Credit Card
  • Water, coffee and tea is provided; you are welcome to bring food and snack are you can purchase them for a nominal cost.
  • Classes are offered usually on weekends, will expand during the Summer Time periodically.
  •  *  English
  • October 11 and 25; November 14 and 22
  •  * Spanish
  • October  4 and 17, November 1, 15, and 29
  • *Be at school 15 prior to class time
  • Optional weekday 6 hours may be taken for a nominal fee if the schedule allows it

At Sharpstown Driving School, we strive to provide quality driving instruction at affordable prices. Our professionals are licensed, insured and bonded. We want to help you not only become a safe, knowledgeable driver, but the best possible driver you can be!

Contact us at (713) 272-7486 or email us at [email protected] to start you on your way to becoming a better driver.